Why My Rate Mailer?

Whether you are a seasoned Loan Officer or new to the industry, My Rate Mailer is aimed to help YOU succeed as a lender. All too often, marketing efforts of traditional mailers or newsletters are left as cold, depersonalized attacks on the inbox, making clients feel like another number in a sea of subscribers. It's time to put personality and care back into mortgage marketing efforts! My Rate Mailer allows clients to feel welcomed and valued, and helps YOU appear available and in control! Real estate agents will no longer have to sift through mortgage rates on countless websites, trying to find the best lender. Instead,YOUR rates will always be at the top of their inbox, exactly when they need them, inviting them to contact YOU directly at anytime. Imagine realtors calling YOU for a change! My Rate Mailer is designed to work for YOU, and help YOU close more leads and be viewed as the go to contact for all lending needs.

My Rate Mailer can also be used easily and effectively for referrals and recommendations. Clients can copy, paste, and post your mailer as an image on any social media outlet, including Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. My Rate Mailer can also be printed out to be used as flyers or handouts around the office. My Rate Mailer is not just limited to an inbox, it is a marketing tool to help engage and inform potential clients.

".. very easy to use and read."

"I find My Rate Mailer very easy to use and read. It is professional and affordable, my agents and clients compliment me on it all the time. I also appreciate how easy they are to reach if I have questions or need to make changes. Their attitude is great they are always there or if not call me back in a timely manner.
I would highly recommend My Rate Mailer to anyone that wants a professional presence in their market place." - Paula B., First Capital

How many more deals would you close if you were the first rate your clients saw every day, knowing they could depend on you for constant and effective communication?

".. useful & valuable marketing tool."

"We have been using My Rate Mailer for the past three years and have found it to be quite a useful and valuable marketing tool. We publish a weekly mailer for all of our contacts, which has allowed us to advertise our competitive rates and products, and to keep everyone updates with our business.

A great feature of My Rate Mailer is it gives you the option to customize your rate sheets and loan programs to target any specific audience. This is a very simple and easy to use tool which has been very beneficial and has given us the opportunity to effectively and professionally market our loan programs." - Tim S., First Capital

Benefits of My Rate Mailer

  • Engage your clientele
  • Open the lines of Communication
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Make Clients feel valued
  • Close more loans
  • Get more recommendations
  • Printable File can be used as a flyer or handout

Why is Mortgage Marketing so Important?

As a Loan Officer, you probably realize how important it is to appear trustworthy and available to your clients. Borrowers need to feel secure and Realtors need to make sure they are making the right choice in their recommendation of a certain lender. My Rate Mailer is designed to provide you with a fast, easy, and personalized method to market yourself as the best lending choice. Clients will feel invited to reach out to YOU and the burden of constant contact will no longer rest upon your shoulders! Sign up today for a FREE trail, and you will recognize the difference immediately!